You know, I'm about to finish university, this means a lot of bureaucratic stuff to do. This is the reason number 1 that for a few days I'm not going to be posting every day, but almost everything will be finished the next thursday :)  The reason number 2 is that I recently moved from house and have no internet (I steal the signal from my dad's phone, so basically is not stealing, is sharing) but I promise that when things return to normal I'll share one pattern for each day that I'll be absent . 

The new thing that gives name to the post of today is my new printer, so I'll be able to print the patterns and show you some more stuff to do with them. And here you have the pattern of today, this thing took a lot of time to be done... lovely. Click and get it: Pattern Nº19 

I was surfing the infinite seas of internet and found this amazing mockup, the thing looks good, you can find this and more great stuff in This page. And enough writing for today. 

Buenas noches, dias, tardes.

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